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Experience Academic Excellence with Science Intuition's Expert Instructors. Our dedicated educators, under the leadership of Dr. Azeem Hoosain, bring a wealth of knowledge, passion for teaching, and a commitment to nurturing your success.

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Seamless Learning, Anywhere. With Science Intuition, access quality education from the comfort of your chosen space. Our online platform ensures a flexible, immersive learning experience, breaking barriers and empowering your journey.

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What Science Intuition has to offer

The chief instructor of this course, Dr Azeem Hoosain, is a medical doctor by profession. He graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand with an MBBCh degree. He has worked in multiple Johannesburg public hospitals and private practices over the years and has ambitions to specialise in internal medicine. He is currently at Wits University studying a PhD in medical physiology. As part of his duties, he lectures medical students in this subject.

Despite the strong medical background, he seems to have an unrivalled passion for mentoring and teaching students. This passion burns so brightly, his students love learning from him and are mesmerised by his flare and knowledge of this subject.

Dr. Hoosain’s extensive educational background, professional expertise, and research experience render him an invaluable asset for any student striving for success. As a medical doctor on the path to earning his doctoral degree, he is exceptionally well-suited to guide high school students towards achieving their goals.

We will work tirelessly to educate you, inspire you and show you the skills needed to achieve success not only in Science, but in any subject or any aspect of this life you find yourself in.

Whether you find yourself struggling and aiming to improve, or you’re a top-performing student seeking greater depth, or even simply an average student aspiring for better results, our classes are designed to cater to your needs. And if all you seek is inspiration to become your academic best, our classes will benefit you as well!

Below is some data which highlights the change in marks for our students in 2023:

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