Term Conditions

  1. Class Seat Fees

Fees are charged per seat, granting access to the entire class duration, inclusive of online revision videos.

  1. Absentee Policy

In case of absence, a class video will be available for viewing within a week. Afterward, it will be removed from the platform.

  1. Repeated Absenteeism

Persistent absenteeism may lead to removal from the class. Consistent attendance is vital for a productive learning environment.

  1. Leaving the Class

Students leaving the class must inform us and complete the deregistration process to halt further charges.

  1. Unregistered Access

Failure to deregister while leaving will result in continued charges as access to our portal and educational content is maintained.

  1. Fee Non-Payment

Non-payment of fees for over 3 months will lead to automatic deregistration and may escalate to legal action if fees remain unpaid. Regular payments are essential for uninterrupted access.

By enrolling in our classes, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to update these terms periodically, and any changes will be communicated to registered students.